Caspianro is one of the pioneer production companies with long service (over 30 years experience) in Iran’s paint industry. The company started out in 1982 as an industrial thinner manufacturer. This small enterprise soon expanded due to market and customers’ needs and began producing wood paints. As a result, the company managed to establish itself as a major player in the Iranian market. At the present time, the main production of Caspianro is wood paints and wood paints primers especially Nitrocellulose Lacquer which not only has found its place in Iran but also it is exported to the countries in the Middle East. Moreover, Caspianro is a main distributer of Industrial Nitrocellulose in foreign market.

  • Improving product quality to enhance clients’ satisfaction
  • Aspiring to the best in the business
  • Coming up with innovative ideas in the business and crating new global markets for our products
  • Depicting a clear and viable future for sales
  • Applying modern technology and providing in-service training to our staff to boost their career and ensure their well-being.
  • Minimizing and fully treating industrial waste water, preventing it from leaving the factory site
  • Cutting dangerous greenhouse gasses though the use of raw materials with high degree of purity.
  • Use of alternative energies for heating purposes,
  • Optimizing water use
  • Co-operating fully with Iran’s Environmental Protection Agency
  • Building manufacturing plants in a safe distance from farmlands and residential areas